Learn what happens to your body after one cup of coffee

Have you ever thought of your daily coffee mug as a health elixir and not just as a source of pleasure and energy?

Below you will find everything a cup of coffee can do for your body and mind:

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The first 10 minutes:

  • The caffeine enters your bloodstream increasing your heart rate and blood pressure.

20 minutes:

  • The caffeine makes you feel less tired by connecting to your brain’s adenosine receptors
  • You become more alert and focused.

30 minutes:

  • Your body starts to produce more adrenaline. This can lead to sharper vision because your pupils dilate slightly.

40 minutes:

  • The level of serotonin in your body begins to rise. This improves the functioning of the motor neurons which, in their turn, increase muscle strength.

3-4 hours:

  • Caffeine can increase the rate at which your cells release energy. When this happens, your body starts to break down fats, even if you don’t move.
  • Caffeine also stimulates and increases the production of stomach acids.


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