Beauty and skincare with vaseline

Even if we have access to the latest beauty products, we must not forget and appreciate the classic vaseline. It has been around for 150 years and with good reason. Below, you’ll find the best beauty and skincare uses for vaseline. From keeping your cuticles and elbows from drying out, to preventing crazy streaks when you get a spray tan.

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1. Protect your skin while coloring your hair : It’s hard to convince people that your hair is naturally red if you have patches of hair color on your forehead.

2. Maintain your perfume scent : if you rub a little Vaseline on your wrists and neck, it’ll help your perfume stick around.

3. Struggle with your nail polish bottles? : Put a little Vaseline under the cap and make your next mani/pedi a breeze!

4. Make those eyelashes grow : Put a little Vaseline on your lashes at night, and watch them lengthen – no prescription necessary.

5. Help heal a sunburn : If you forgot to reapply your SPF at the beach and are paying the price with painful, red skin, liberally apply Vaseline to the affected area: It’ll help lock in moisture to your dried-out skin and prevent peeling.

6. Soften dry or cracked elbows : suffering from winter’s lack of moisture.

7. Use as an exfoliant : just add some sea salt, and scrub away in the shower. You’ll come out feeling silky and refreshed!

8. Easy makeup remover : use some Vaseline to take off last night’s make up, and be fresh faced and ready for the day!

9. Soothe dry cuticles : Use a pea-size amount of Vaseline for all ten fingers to soften and soothe scraggly, cracked cuticles. (It’s way cheaper than most cuticle creams.)

10. Hide split ends : Moisturize and mask damage by smoothing a small amount of Vaseline over split ends. But be careful! Use too much and it’ll turn your hair into a greasy mess.

beauty and skincare with vaseline

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